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Cultivating A Sense Of Ownership While Building Self-Esteem In Male Youth Through A Holistic Approach.

Through Our Integrated Care, We Empower Teens With The Life Skills And Self-Understanding That Allows Them To Find Their Place In Society.


NJH is a family centered residential facility founded with the mission to
provide male youth with the highest-quality care and treatment for trauma, intellectual-emotional distress, mental health, and substance abuse. We are the first choice for male youth to enhance growth, development, and 
education through therapeutic behavior modification.

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To become the premier provider of male youth by shaping character, social skills, and academic excellence coupled with foundational experiences in preparation for adult independence and formalized emancipation plans from the foster care system in Texas and beyond.


To promote recovery from the affects of abuse, addiction and other behavioral issues through specialized treatment and interventions provided by a community of caring professionals. We emphasize developing youth, shaping character, improving social skills, and encouraging excellent academic performance and outstanding extracurricular abilities.

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Our Vision Board

Dreams come true with a vision...


Life & Culture

NJH’s vision is to broaden the horizon of male youth by raising their ceiling of
accomplishments and instilling in them a “can do/must do” spirit
The resiliency that comes from recognizing limitations but having the confidence
to move forward and make safe and healthy decisions given the resources at hand
is the foundation of NJH’s. Opportunities derived from work ethic, education, and
current-day demands will enhance NJH’s program participants to confidently take

a place role models, business leaders, fathers, and civil activist

Life & Culture

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