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Mission Statement

To help children thrive by providing outstanding residential services, education, & total wellbeing. Our unique residential facility nestled in Oak Cliff, TX focus on at risk male youth ages 16-21.

We are dedicated to developing youth, shaping character, improving social skills, encouraging strong academic performance, & life skills. Clinical treatment services are a continuum of interventions supporting youth with behavioral, mental health, or substance abuse.

NJH’s philosophy, based on a Modified Therapeutic Community Model of Behavior Modification centers around responsibility & creativity.

Our community-based services & residential programs reach teens “where they are” building frameworks of teamwork, trust, respect & commitment.


Serving Others

One of the better-known benefits of NJH’s is our commitment to volunteering which allows our male youth to have an impact in the community. Volunteering is a two-way street: It benefits NJH’s male youth as much as the causes of our community. Further, dedicating time as a volunteer helps to make new friends, expand networks, and

boost social skills

One-On-One Tutoring

Community & Collaborations

Creating developmental services, opportunities, and supports for male youth in the community requires a community-wide effort to educate and activate all sectors, from government to business, from not-for- profit human services to voluntary groups. NJH’s has several community partners including but not limited to Promise House, Phoenix House, Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas, Wilkinson Center, Metro-Care Services, Texas Center for Child and Family Centers, 2Ingage, Dallas Independent School District and Oak Cliff Boys and Girls Club. Community, teamwork, and collaboration provides great places for male you’re engaging and growing.

Tony Walker

Chief Operating Officer

Felicia McDade

Director of Fund & Business Development

Reginald Peel

Chief Executive Officer


Board of Directors


Reginald Peel

Chief Executive Officer


Tony Walker

Chief Operating Officer


Dr. Joseph Showell

Vice President


Micah Hailey


Board of Directions


Image by Billy Chester

Transitioning to adulthood and self-sufficiency can be challenging for any young person but particularly those living in the system. NJH’s dedicated staff and curriculum will provide participants with the tools common to their age, such as pursuing higher education or training, looking for jobs, civil engagement, healthcare advocacy, and managing their finances.

Our program confronts the dramatic adjustment to being on their own rather than under the State’s care. This is particularly true for those youth who “age out” of care as they turn 18. They no longer have access to the array of services and supports provided by the child welfare agency, including caseworker support.

We believe youth are more likely to succeed if they are exposed to protective factors that mitigate conditions such as exposure to violence, living in poverty, state/foster care system, financial distress, and poor health. Ultimately, NJH’s program improves the likelihood of future positive outcomes including being able to manage or control emotions and behaviors, relational skills, academic skills, and financial stability - all essential for a happy and productive life.

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