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NJH Residential


What makes our approach so successful ---- each male youth receives personalized treatment, based on the specific issues they face—whether that’s trauma, substance, emotional or other behavioral health issues.

These tailored treatments are developed and delivered by licensed professionals, as well as individualized education plans. 
Our academic program not only keeps youth on track with their studies, but it’s also designed to positively impact their confidence, engagement, and sense of accomplishment—supporting their exit and emancipation into adulthood.

Our facility resembles a typical residential-family setting providing comfortable living areas in addition to dedicated spaces to accommodate individual and group therapy sessions.


Nothing Just Happens, Incorporated is dedicated to developing male youth by shaping character, improving social skills, encouraging excellent academic
performance while creating life-long experiences to learn, thrive and engage. We service predominantly at-risk and disadvantaged male youth throughout 
Texas and predominantly the Dallas community.

Image by Sam Balye
Image by Atikah Akhtar


Turning 18 for most teens’ means a newfound independence. Whether it’s going off to college, embarking on a trade or traveling the world after this milestone birthday. But for many turning 18 is not a celebratory event as they “age out” of the system. That’s precisely why NJH’s focused approach to our residential program and support services equip male youth to navigate a successful path to self-sufficiency and independence as they transition into adulthood. We give male youth the life skills and self understanding that allows them to find their place in the world.

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