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Life Skills Curriculum

Life skills are important for everyone, but particularly fostered youth and those in underserved areas that lack the various lived experiences, financial access, and ability levels.

Nothing Just Happens curriculum is built on social and emotional learning with comprehensive sources that build basic lived experiences coupled with educational augmentation specific to individual and specific needs.

Lessons are sequential in terms of curriculum level, providing a solid base of life skills development to support male youth with achieving the social, emotional, and academic success as they matriculate in middle school, high school, college, trade, employment and beyond.

The curriculum proposed by Nothing Just Happens helps navigate the challenging aspects of adult life. This coupled with our dedicated mentorship program with Dallas Independent School District further supports the male youth supported by NJH’s.


Smiling Teenage Boy


  • Academics

  •  Self-Care

  •  Time Management and Responsibility

  •  Financial Knowledge, Money Management, & Budgeting

  • Stress Management and Self-Care

  •  Motivation and Perseverance Civic Engagement

  • Voting, Political, non-political, Community

  • Cultural Competency & Working with Others


NJH’s curriculum is organized into separate modules. Each module contains a sequence of lessons designed to develop specific concepts and skills, which are reinforced via an individualized curriculum based on entry and exit dates with NJH

Image by Jeswin Thomas

Plan, Prepare, Practice… For Life after Care

  •  Move toward productive adult lives

  •  Academic Success

  •  High School Diploma, GED, Trade, or College

  •  Emotional Intelligence

  •  Positive Peer Culture

  •  Trust Based Relationships

  •  Build both internal strengths and external resources

  • Preparedness for independent adult living

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