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NJH Elite Basketball

Nothing Just Happens, Inc. is devoted to training the young men and women in our community to indulge in activities that promote healthy relationships, self-motivation and betterment.

We've partnered with the NCAA and the Amateur Athletic Union to  participate in local competitions and tournaments while changing the lives of our community members.

Our NJH Elite basketball team is a non-profit program that continues to inspire our youth to be involved in sports, to create and maintain healthy minds and bodies

NJH Elite 12 U Boys

Congratulations NJH Elite Co-ed 6U, Coach Jarrett & Coach Ronnie on 2nd place in Desoto Recreation League!!! It has been the GREATEST pleasure to watch these babies grow together. My heart is filled with so much Joy and Gratitude!!! Thank you, Players, Coaches & Parents

NJH Elite 12 U Ladies

Congratulations NJH ELITE Girls 12U, Coach Jessica & Coach Cliff on 2nd place in Desoto Recreation League. GOD is Blessing Me, to be apart of such Strong Dedicated & Fearless Players, Coaches & Parents


NJH Elite 14 U Boys

Congratulations NJH ELITE Boys 14U (Blue) on WINNING IT ALL, 1st Place Desoto Recreation League (Gold Rings)!!! Coach Cliff, I can't say Thank You Enough... I Thank God for all that you have Done & Do for NJH ELITE. Players, Coach & Parents without you all there would be NO US, Nothing Just Happens!!!

NJH Elite 10 U Boys

A Journey of a thousand miles begin with ONE Step!!!

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