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Team Leader/Supervisor

The Team Leader/Supervisor must oversee the NJH direct child care program and coordinate direct child care staff to ensure the daily care and treatment of the children. 

Job Type

Part Time

Essential Functions

  1. Coordinate with the therapists so the milieu and treatment programs work together for the good of the children.  This includes informing the Administrator of areas that need to be addressed. 

  2. Attend staff meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars and any other program that assures the required annual hours of continuing education.  Is responsible for the implementation of NJH Philosophy and all NJH training received. 

  3. Ensure that the staff under your supervision are aware of and carry out the treatment of children as prescribed. 

  4. Can carry out special projects by utilizing the team approach and follow up to ensure they are well formulated and completed as intended. 

  5. Ensure individual treatment plans of all children at NJH are carried out according to policies, procedures, and treatment plans for each child. 

  6. Work as team with other Team Leaders. 

  7. Provide for the orientation and training of the Child Care Specialists and Child Care Assistants. 

  8. Provide ongoing training for all direct childcare staff. 

  9. Ensure that all staff members are doing adequate documentation of their work as prescribed. 

  10. Ensure that all medications are administered and recorded correctly. 

  11. Update the log and progress notes regarding the children with which you have had contact and aid other staff to know how to appropriately do this. 

  12. Ensure all staff supervised establish and maintain positive public relations. 

  13. Recognize potential problem areas in the environment, formulate workable solutions, and present to the Administrator. 

  14. Implement NJH Philosophy and implement all NJH training received. 

  15. Perform other duties as assigned by the Administrator. 


Knowledge:  Thorough working knowledge of residential child care operations and knowledge of all related support functions and have knowledge of all required standards for certification and licenses. 

Experience:  Minimum of one year in residential childcare treatment with emphasis on the implementation of child care programs.  Must be at least 18 years of age and be a high school graduate or equivalent (GED). 

Functional Requirements: Must demonstrate good leadership abilities, effective oral and written communication skills, organizational abilities, and supervisory abilities. Requires considerable walking, good hearing to assess situations quickly and respond appropriately, and must be able to perform CPR and First Aid.  Must be capable of responding to a client at times when the client is a danger too self or others up to and including physical restraint and must have extensive prior experience which demonstrates their cognitive ability to assist the child in challenging times. 

Working Conditions: Mixed office and outdoor environment, involving both staff and student interactions, requires flexible hours. 

Level:  Works under direct supervision of the Administrator with a wide degree of discretion and independent judgment. 

Status:  Exempt 

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