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Direct Care Staff 

Job Type

All Shifts

Essential Functions

Work with youth at and be responsible for any needs that may arise. Responsible for assisting with washing and drying all children's clothes as needed and ensuring the clothing looks nice and is ready to be worn.

Responsible for ensuring the cleaning of all common areas on a nightly basis (including, but not limited to):

  • Kitchen, living areas, and bathrooms (add toilet tissue, paper towels, soap as needed).

  • Remain in the facility and awake continuously while on duty, involves seeing each child within the sleeping area at regular intervals.

  • Requires maintaining a written log/shift note documenting the status of each child during eachcheck/shift.

  • Know which children you are responsible for.

  • Be aware of children's habits, interest, and any special needs. Provide a safe environment.

  • Positively reinforce children's efforts and accomplishments.

  • Ensure continuity of care for children by sharing with incoming caregiver’s information about each child's activities during the previous shift and any verbal or written instructions by the parent or other professionals.

  • Be aware of and accountable for each child's on-going activity.

  • Assist children as needed when they plan to go on a visit or in making phone calls.

  • Listen to the children and help them work through problems.

  • Assist children with personal hygiene in the care of their bodies, obtain supplies as needed for children, report condition of children, and keep written records as necessary.

  • Administer psychotropic medication and over the counter medications and treatment as prescribed or recommended by the child's physician.

  • Keep written records of all medications. Must complete "Medication Training" before administering psychotropic medication.

  • Keep order in the dining room and supervise table manners, cleanliness, etc.

  • Assist children in making beds, changing linens, cleaning rooms, and adding to the attractiveness of their living area.

  • Check and report need of living areas and all children, building for safety, health, fire, or disaster hazards.

  • Transport children to the hospital, clinics, office appointments, school, recreational and social activities off campus as needed.

  • Keep a written record of any incidents that occur or any information that would be helpful to other staff members.

  • Make sure all youth are awake in the morning at the proper time for their daily activities.

  • Work with any youth that is on restriction as required.

  • Attend regular scheduled staff meetings and participate in regular ongoing training programs as needed to complete the required number of continuing education hours annually.

  • Help students arrive at breakfast on time.

  • Provide the level of supervision necessary to ensure each child 's safety and well-being, including auditory and/or visual awareness of each child 's on-going activity as appropriate.

  • Intervene when necessary to ensure each child's safety.


In deciding how closely to supervise a child, the caregiver must consider:

- The child's age.

- The child's individual differences, needs, and abilities.

- The physical environment and layout of the operation.

- The child’s living arrangements.

- Levels of service of the youth.

- The child's physical, mental, emotional, and social needs.

- Stay abreast of NJH policies and procedures and interpret them to youth as necessary.

- Responsible for implementation of NJH Philosophy and all NJH training received.

- Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor/management team members.

Night Staff - 24 Hour Awake Night Supervision

Nothing Just Happens, Inc. is a one building, one story, three-bedroom, two full and one-half bathrooms residential facility.  Once you enter the front door at Nothing Just Happens, you immediately walk into the common/living area.  One bedroom is located to the left of the living area and separated from the other two bedrooms by a short hallway and bathroom.  This bedroom can house up to three youths (it is furnished with a set of twin bunk style beds and a single twin bed).  The other two bedrooms are located on the other side of the house, very near the right side of the living/common area.  The first bedroom located to the right closest to the living/common area houses two youth (single twin beds) and the second bedroom separated from the first bedroom by a wall is also located on the right side closest to the living/common area houses up to three youth (it is furnished with a set of twin bunk style beds and a single twin size bed).  All youth in the bedrooms are monitored by the continuous 24 hours awake staff with sight and sound supervision.   The continuous 24 hours awake staff are always present in the residential facility in the common/living area or supervising youth via sight supervision throughout the night by walking from bedroom to bedroom to ensure that all youth are accounted for, sleeping/lying in their own beds, and safe.   

Nothing Just Happens utilizes three shifts (7a-3p; 3p-11p; 11p-7a) with a 1:5 ratio during awake hours (7a-11p) and a 1:8 ratio during sleeping hours(11p-7a).  

Nothing Just Happens, Inc. will notify DFPS within 24 hours if it falls out of compliance with the 24-Hour Continuous Awake Supervision Policy 

All caseworkers and caregivers are to complete the required training on how to recognize and report sexual abuse, including child-on-child sexual abuse prior to being counted in the staff to child ratio providing direct care to children.  The training is required on an annual basis by all applicable caseworkers and caregivers.


Experience:  Must be at least 21 years old if all the children in the group the caregiver serves are 16 years old or younger.  Must be at least 23 years old if at least one child in the group the caregiver serves are 17 years old or older and be a high school graduate or equivalent (GED). 

Functional Requirements:  Must demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills.  Requires considerable walking.  Requires good hearing to assess situations quickly and respond appropriately. Must be able to perform CPR and First Aid.  Must be capable of responding to a client at times when the client is a danger to self or others up to and including physical restraint.   Prior experience which demonstrates their cognitive ability to assist the child in challenging times is a plus. 

Level:  Works under direct supervision of the Direct Care Supervisor/Team Leader. 

Status:  Non-Exempt 

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