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The chef ensures that the kitchen facility is maintained in good repair, clean, safe, and in compliance with all regulations. He/she is also responsible to assure the prompt completion of all necessary reports on a timely basis, that the preparation of a nutritional menus is completed once a week and in advance for maximum utilization of food, as well as maintain an adequate food inventory. 

Job Type

Part Time

Essential Functions

  1. Attend staff meetings and seminars as needed to obtain the number of hours of continuing education required annually. 

  2. See to the completion of all necessary paperwork and reports on a timely basis, including the National School Lunch Program. 

  3. Ensure that NJH maintains two weeks’ food inventory on hand and menus for one week in advance, allowing the utilization food on hand to prepare the meals. 

  4. Maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the kitchen and dining room. 

  5. Perform other duties assigned by the Administrator. 

  6. Ensure that all standards and codes relating to food services comply. 


Experience: Must be at least 21 years of age. Must be experienced in kitchen operations, including food preparation, ordering, menu planning, and have a general knowledge of regulations and standards. 

Functional Requirements: Must demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills. Requires good leadership skills. Requires knowledge of inventory control  

methods, proper nutrition, and the ability to convert food to large group menus. Must be able to perform CPR/First Aid when needed. Must be capable of responding to client at times when the client is a danger to self or others up to and including physical restraint and must have extensive prior experience which demonstrates their cognitive ability to assist the child in challenging times. 

Working Conditions: Mixed indoor and outdoor environments involving interaction with students and staff.  Involves preparation of food, including lifting food and groceries as needed. Requires washing dishes and cleaning as needed.  Requires flexible hours. 

Level: Works under the supervision of the Administrator with moderate level of discretion and judgment.  

Status: Exempt 


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